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Private Obstetrics

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Dr. Basheer is a female obstetrician who has a extensive experience in management of pregnancy and labour.


Private Obstetrics

Dr. Basheer is a female obstetrician who has a very long experience in management of pregnancies and labour. She is happy to accept booking patients for private antenatal care and labour management for

Low risk

High Risk pregnancies.

Management of normal deliveries, Instrumental deliveries and caesarean section are part of the services as well as post natal services.

She gives the optimum care in a very friendly and kind way to her patients. She explains and answer all the questions they have based on scientific evidence based medicine. She has admission rights to deliver babies at Wollongong private hospital and Wollongong public hospital.

What Patients are Saying About Us

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Dr Basheer is the BEST Obstetrician in Wollongong, she is one of the most caring, kind, compassionate people I have ever met. Our first baby was ectopic and she was an amazing advocate for me, informing judgemental nurses that I was grieving the loss of my little babe.

After a year of appointments and care we fell pregnant with our son and she was nothing but professional and exceptional throughout our pregnancy and through the delivery which is why in Feb this year we went through her once again for our second son. If you are looking for an AMAZING OB you have come to the right person! I wouldn't go anywhere else!


Samantha King

Dr Basheer has been nothing short of exceptional during the three pregnancies that my partner and I have gone through. The unbelievable support and expertise she showed throughout, we are forever grateful and thankful to Dr Basheer. I could not recommend this unbelievably compassionate and professional any more!


Daniel Peters